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— The procedure of application for Vacancy Announcement is Closed —

Science and Technology Resource Centre (STRC) is an autonomous institute located at Gondwana University, Gadchiroli. Conceived and supported by Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission (RGSTC), Mumbai, Govt. of Maharashtra, STRC is entrusted with generating livelihood opportunities by deploying appropriate science and technology, particularly for the under-privileged tribal communities of Gadchiroli region since 2013-14. As a centre of excellence for sustainable value creation, STRC is leveraging local resources, relevant knowledge and appropriate technology for knowledge enabled development. STRC to act as a catalyst to science and technology based development of the region and as a bridge between knowledge activities of the University and enhance livelihoods in the neighbourhood.

Aquaculture & Livelihoods

Bamboo Craft & Livelihoods

NTFP/ Med. Plants and Other Livelihoods

Applicable R & D and Academic Program Development

Communication for Development through ICT

Current Focus

  • STRC Academic Programs as Community Enabler

  • Applicable R & D and Incubation for Low Cost Rural Technology

  • Entrepreneurial Support and Business Facilitation

  • Web-based Community Interaction Platform


Master Artisans


Traditional Healers (THs)


Fish Farmers


Livelihood Support


In-house R&D (Low-cost Technology)


Package of Practice (PoP)


Technology Adoptions


Intervention Spread (Blocks)

R & D on Low-Cost Technology

STRC Contributes by designing and catalysing products, services and practices through appropriate low-cost technologies as an assist to the prevalent traditional practices

Bamboo Seed Spacer (Prototype)

Bamboo Composite Poultry Shed (Prototype)

Portable Carp Hatchery (Design Stage)

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