NTFP/ Medicinal Plants & Other Livelihoods

NTFP/ Medicinal Plants & Other Livelihoods

Employing Good Forestry & Agricultural Practices (GFAPs), Sustainable Harvesting and Ex-situ conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants. Streamlining collection, storage and primary processing of major NTFPs. Facilitate forward linkages in marketing and value chain. Focus on need based alternative livelihood options like poultry, apiculture, etc.


  • Mapping the Non Timber Forest Resources : Scientific mapping of major Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFPs) and Creating a network of NTFP CLUSTERs in the region. with assessment of quantum of availability, seasonality and potential.

  • Promoting GAP and GFCP:  Promoting Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Forest Conservation Practices (GFCP) in cultivation, ex-situ conservation and sustainable harvesting of commercially important and RET medicinal/ aromatic plant species.

  • Documenting Indigenous Medicinal Knowledge:  Engaging with the local Traditional Healers (THs) to document and consolidate Indigenous Medicinal Knowledge with support of scientific evidence for wider dissemination and to bring THs in to the mainstream.

  • Streamlining Collection and Storage:  Encouraging primary collectors by facilitating a robust collection and storage mechanism of major NTFPs.

  • Value addition through PPCs:  Facilitating establishment of basic Primary Processing Centres (PPCs) at Taluka level to encourage first stage processing of collected raw produce.

  • Facilitating Rural Enterprise around NTFPs: Encouraging local communities to develop small enterprises around major NTFPs. Facilitating provisions of seed funding, forward linkages and other support to create business platforms.


Paddy Productivity Enhancement through Saguna Rice Technology (SRT)

Vegetable Farming

Backyard Poultry (BYP)

Exploring Opportunities in Apiculture


DST Funded Herbal Plant Propagation

NASI Funded Indigenous Medicinal Knowledge (IMK)

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