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Communication for Development (C4D) through ICT

The increasing and fruitful use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) is being recognized and acknowledged world over. That ICT is a great tool for development and empowerment is being realized by its various stakeholders. Countries of the world are resorting to use of ICT to better their socio-cultural and economic landscapes in ways feasible and sustainable depending on their respective situations in underprivileged and underserved areas. This programmatic vertical addresses the goal of creating a knowledge network and database to know about best practices in the field of ICT for Development in the region.


  • STRC Website and Social Media Platforms
  • Development Communication (Publications/ Seminars/ Webinars)
  • Data Centre and DigiLib
  • Web based Community Interaction Platform (WCIP)
  • Spatial Survey/ Studies- GIS Based
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Liaising for Collaboration (Local/ Regional/ National)
  • Mobile Demonstration Unit (MDU) – Van

Mobile Demonstration Unit

Van-based audio-visual interactive platform cutting across all projects, used as a tool to generate awareness, disseminate information, demonstrate, low cost technology transfer and showcase best practices to enable local communities make informed choices.

Web based Community Interaction Platform

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