Communication for Development (C4D) through ICT

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Communication for Development (C4D) through ICT

The increasing and fruitful use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) is being recognized and acknowledged world over. That ICT is a great tool for development and empowerment is being realized by its various stakeholders. Countries of the world are resorting to use of ICT to better their socio-cultural and economic landscapes in ways feasible and sustainable depending on their respective situations in underprivileged and underserved areas. This programmatic vertical addresses the goal of creating a knowledge network and database to tap best practices in the field of Techno-Social Development and disseminate in the region.


  • STRC Website and Social Media Platforms
  • Development Communication (Publications/ Seminars/ Webinars)
  • Data Centre and DigiLib
  • Web based Community Interaction Platform (WCIP)
  • Spatial Survey/ Studies- GIS Based
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Liaising for Collaboration (Local/ Regional/ National)
  • Mobile Demonstration Unit (MDU) – Van

Mobile Demonstration Unit

Van-based audio-visual interactive platform cutting across all projects, used as a tool to generate awareness, disseminate information, demonstrate applicable low cost technology, facilitate its smooth transfer and showcase best practices to enable local communities make informed choices.

Web based Community Interaction Platform

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