Bamboo Products

STRC Bamboo Products

Focus on developing a pool of skilled and traditional artisans with basic and higher order skills. Developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem through a network of Common Facility Centres for local youths with Model Production Unit at STRC as the hub. Applicable R & D for product prototype development, demand driven production and marketing of products in the utility craft space. Work on the idea of ‘Model Craft Villages’ with sustainable resource base through extension programs.

Bamboo Memento – Type 1

Bamboo Memento – Type 2

Bamboo Memento – Type 3

Bamboo Memento – Type 4

Calendar With Bamboo Standee – Type 1

Calendar With Bamboo Standee – Type 2

Calendar With Bamboo Standee – Type 3

Bamboo Piggy Bank

Bamboo Lotus

Perforated Flower Vase

Bamboo Earrings

Badge (National Tricolour)

Bamboo Sound Enhancer


Composite Backyard Poultry Shed

Bamboo Seed Spacer

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