Bamboo Craft and Livelihoods

Bamboo Craft and Livelihoods

Focus on developing a cadre of trained and informal group of artisans. To help conceive ‘Model Bamboo Craft Villages’ and develop entrepreneurship platforms such as Bamboo Gotuls (CFCs) for local youths. Applicable R & D for product prototypes, demand driven production and marketing of products in the utility craft space. Creating sustainable resource base through extension programs.


  • Cadre of Skilled and Traditional Artisans: Trained Master Trainers engaged in creating a cadre of skilled and traditional artisan groups through basic and higher order skill training with an aim to develop a pool of 100 master artisans.

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem around Bamboo Craft:Support rural enterprise development as a sustainable livelihood option for local communities. Introducing innovation into lifestyle utility products and establishing a business connect with potential market. Establishing linkages between financial institutions and local enterprises through community-led multi-stakeholder development models.

  • Model Production Unit (MPU): A well-equipped Model Production Unit (MPU) to carry out R & D on product prototypes, higher order skill training for artisans, mass production and quality control.

  • Model Craft Villages (MCVs) and Common Facility Centres (CFCs): To excite a group of communities, especially local youths including women, to an idea of model craft villages with an adequately skilled group of artisans eying a potential niche market for innovative products in utility craft space. These MCVs are essentially facilitated by MPU of STRC.



Development of Curriculum for one year Diploma in Bamboo Entrepreneurship and Design

Model Production Unit (MPU)

1. STRC Bamboo Gotul Kondawahi (CFC)

2. STRC Model Craft Village, Kondawahi (Cillage Concept)

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