Bamboo Craft and Livelihoods

Bamboo Craft and Livelihoods

Focus on developing a cadre of trained and informal group of artisans. To help conceive ‘Model Bamboo Craft Villages’ and develop entrepreneurship platforms such as Bamboo Gotuls (CFCs) for local youths. Applicable R & D for product prototypes, demand driven production and marketing of products in the utility craft space. Creating sustainable resource base through extension programs.


Cadre of Skilled Artisans | Sustainable Resource Base | Entrepreneurial Eco-System
Mobilising Local Youth | Basic & Higher Order Skill Training | Seed Funding

  • Cadre of Skilled Artisans & Informal Artisans’ Group: IDC (IIT-B) Trained Master Trainers engaged in creating a cadre of skilled artisans and informal artisan groups through basic and higher order skill training & refresher training with an aim to prepare a pool of 100 master trainers
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem around Bamboo Craft: Support (community) enterprise development for sustainable supply of bamboo products and generate improved livelihoods. Promoting select new bamboo products among high potential buyers. Promoting sustainable linkages between financial institutions and local enterprises and sustain and upscale local initiatives through community-led multi-stakeholder development models
  • Model Production Unit (MPU): A well-equipped Model Production Unit (MPU) to carry out R & D on product prototypes, higher order skill training for artisans, mass production and quality control
  • Model Bamboo Craft Village and Facility Centre (CFC): STRC is focusing on traditional skillset in the existing scenario, resource mapping to understand access to raw materials, carrying out need assessment regarding possible inputs & logistics. Providing technology facilitation under Common Facility Centre (CFC). Mobilizing local youth to encourage rural entrepreneurship to develop Model Bamboo Craft Villages.
  • Goal is to foster bamboo products as a sustainable substitute of less renewable resources like timber and promote economic prosperity of the tribal including women in the region.

And subsequently,

to support commercialisation of high potential bamboo products in the housing & construction, craft, lifestyle & toys sectors. The action is demonstrating success of integrated local development models by strengthening the capacities of key stakeholder groups across the value chains.



Development of Curriculum for one year Diploma in Bamboo Entrepreneurship and Design

Model Production Unit (MPU)

1. STRC Bamboo Gotul Kondawahi (CFC)

2. STRC Model Craft Village, Kondawahi (Cillage Concept)

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