Aquaculture and Livelihoods

Aquaculture And Livelihoods

Transfer Of Advanced Aquaculture Technologies For Fish Seed Production At Local Level Leading To Higher Yield. Farmers Interest Groups (FIGs) For Adoption Of Technologies, Fish Seed Production, Organised Marketing & Entrepreneurship Development. Efforts To Streamline Interventions Through Development Of Policy Guidelines. Value Added Products Through Women (SHGs).


  • Facilitation of advance technologies for fishery development: Mapping traditional technologies currently in use and facilitating more advanced and efficient technologies in fishery in the region. Training and capacity building to enable communities to adopt new technologies. “AQUA-ONE Centre” as one stop shop for technology solution and extension.
  • Aquaculture for sustainable income generation: Acting as a catalyst for economic growth by combining fisheries technology commercialization, marketing and supply chain management, entrepreneurship development and business facilitation. Creating ‘Aqua-Clusters’ and influencing policy decisions.
  • Institutionalizing Fish Farmers’ Interest Group (FIGs): Formation of Fish Farmer’s Interest Group (FIGs), as a community-based institution for creating the informal network amongst the quality seed producers and fish farmers. Marketing of Fresh/ Live fishes through Mobile Vending Units.
  • Value addition in Fish: Training, capacity building and facilitation support for production of value-added products. Marketing of the value-added fish product through Women Self Help Group.
  • Ornamental Fish culture: Ornamental Fish Culture as an exclusive income generating option for women FIGs. Establishment of Ornamental Fish Rearing Units (OFRU), marketing of ornamental fish, aquarium design and decoration, culture of aquatic plants.
  • Institutional Collaboration: Active collaboration with MAFSU, implementing STRC’s mandate with our partner organisations, such as NFDB (GoI), and Dept of Fisheries (GoM) and non-govt institutions active in this sector.


STRC-MAFSU Collaborative Project

Ornamental Fish Rearing Unit (OFRU)

Integrated Fish Farming (IFF)

Aqua One Centre

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